Florida Travel: Welcome to Daytona Beach Updated for 2022

Updated: June 30, 2022

If you’re thinking of where else in Florida vacation, then you definitely should give Daytona Beach a serious look. This popular destination has plenty to offer visitors who come here year round.

The Beach at Daytona is a 23-mile stretch of white sand beach that is a top place to visit.

Daytona is known for its hard-packed sand, and in 1902, the area was used for car and motorcycle racing. The Daytona Beach Road Course began operations in 1936, and was replaced in 1958 by the Daytona International Speedway.

Here are are some great reasons to go to the Daytona Beach region for your next Florida vacation. It’s no secret that when people think about Florida they think about sunshine, water, fun and shopping. But there’s so much more than those things.

The beach is known as family friendly and has beachfront parks with picnic areas, pavilions, boardwalks, restrooms, and picnic areas. Popular beachfront parks include Lighthouse Point Park, Michael Crotty Bicentennial Park, and the Smyrna Dunes Park.

The unique thing about Daytona Beach is that you can drive down and park right on the beach. There are traffic zones, and on the Saturday morning when we were there, beachgoers’ cars were lined up side by side.

The beach parking is only located along a few spots along the beach and costs $10 for the whole day when I went there, but I really think it’s worth it.

A trip to the beach will allow you to experience what many consider the greatest all-natural beach in the world.

For a driving experience that’s out of this world, head to the International Speedway that is only two miles long. You can see all sorts of cars from around the world speeding along the half-mile asphalt strip that is the speedway. The International Speedway is not open to cars but bicycles and horseback riders are welcome. You can enjoy watching race car races, taking in the many nightclubs and bars along the beach, watching the races from the comfort of your luxury car or taking part in other sporting activities.

Just a short walk from the beaches of Daytona Beach and the Daytona Beach International Speedway is the historic Daytona Beach Central Pier. It features an interpretative center, gift shop and restaurant where visitors can take in the sights while waiting for a day or weekend cruise. If you like to spend your days near the water, the Central Pier is perfect. It’s also near a wide variety of dining, shops, bars and other attractions. Among them are two well-known public golf courses, the Ron Laver Tennis Center and the John D. MacArthur Park. The centerline of the approach to the park from the pier is lined with shops and restaurants, including two of the places mentioned above.

Also if you have kids you may want to visit the Children’s Museum. Opened in 2008, the Charles and Linda William’s Children’s Museum is a 9,000 square foot facility with many hands-on science exhibits.

Congo River Golf offers an ultimate package package where you get to experience everything they offer – feeding alligators, holding baby alligators, playing miniature golf, mining for gemstones and arcade games and even get to keep a souvenir golf ball of your choice.

Another quick way to get to Daytona Beach is the 20 mph approach from the intersection of Beach Boulevard South andheimer Street. It is lined with shops, bars, restaurants and other attractions like the Ron Laver Tennis Center. Just past the boulevard, it intersects Beach Boulevard North, just east of Main Street. Traveling north on Beach Boulevard to the point where it intersects Main Street, you will be halfway between the two major streets in Daytona Beach, and the International Speedway boulevard South.

Here is a list of the top attractions in Daytona Beach:

Daytona Beach Boardwalk, Daytona Beach, Florida
MOAS – Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, FL
The Beach
Daytona International Speedway Tours, Daytona Beach, Florida
Lighthouse Point Park, Daytona Beach, Florida
Ponce de Leon Lighthouse & Museum, Daytona Beach, Florida
Marine Science Center, Daytona Beach, Florida
Marine Science Center, Daytona Beach, Florida
Beach Street, Daytona Beach, Florida
Richard Petty Driving Experience
Three Brothers Boards, Daytona Beach, Florida
Feed alligators at Congo River Golf
.Jackie Robinson Ballpark
Halifax Harbor Marina
Watch a concert at the Daytona Beach bandshell