Things to do in Orlando with kids – 12 Best Things to do Updated for 2024

Updated: June 5, 2024


Orlando is the administrative seat of the Orange County,  Orlando is considered one of central Florida’s main metropolitan areas. Within the City of Orland, there are approximately one million residents as of the latest census by the United States of America’s Census Bureau.

The City of Orlando is home to many theme parks that are very popular all over the world.  Furthermore, it is a host to some great venues for wedding and other events with restaurants serving delicious foods and many other attractions.

Various things to do in Orlando with kids are highlighted in this post.

In terms of culture. the number one attraction in Orlando is the Orlando Museum of Art.  This museum is dedicated to preserving more than 35 different cultures.  The collections available for viewing range from the ancient times to present.

Second on our list of things to do with kids is to visit the  Everglades National Park.  The park consists a wetland area of more than 1 million acres. The Everglades National Park is a place where the visitors can enjoy a series of fun activities.  The National Park which has three entrances is abundant with wildlife Animals like alligators and herons these animals belong to more than one different species and some are endangered species.  See the lovely animals in their natural and adventurous landscape of the park, a great attract the attention of kids.

This is one the largest Wilderness of subtropical type of the country ever had there are many attractions like the Shark Valley and places for camping.

Making it a family favorite number three on our list is Universal Studios.  Oh, children will definitely love to visit the Universal Studios. This would be the chance to learn how their favorite shows are programmed.

The park provides themes of different kids show and movies giving a live effect.  Universal Studios hosts a couple of attractions including movie studios game shows for kids some wonderful restaurants and rides making kids days very special.

In addition, there is a wonderful stunt show in the park these days which is being updated to include more attractions.

Number four on our list is the Orlando Science Center is one of the most amazing centers for learnings related science especially space Orlando Science Center.

The Orlando Science Center offers much for the young minds to learn from and enjoy.  They are powerful and huge telescopes through which the kids can observe the space and understand many concepts related space the theater in the park.  The theater hosts show and programs related to space in order teach the young about the diverse nature of the outer space.


Tailored made events for kids and children occur regularly. Children of ages between 3 and 16 can enjoy these Center.

Number 5 on our list is Discovery Cove with the facility to interact with a wide range of sea animals.  Discovery Cove hosts various attractions for the visitors of all ages being some goes with kids interests This amusement park comprises an attractive coral reef where the visitors can have an exclusive swimming with hundreds of fish.

The part has more 30 different species of birds There are hundreds of tropical birds in addition to many and parrots attracting the kid’s attention The guests here can also enjoy waterfall and seaside activities some years ago Grand reef was opened as a freshie attraction that increases the chances for visitors to do more fun activities.

Number six on our list is International Drive which is Orlando’s  busiest commercial regions and home to the Orlando convention center.

There are also wonderful places for shopping and great restaurants to enjoy different delicious foods. Walking down the road provides a beautiful view of the city that makes the city of the best place to visit with kids.

Number seven on our list is Galaxy Fun Orlando a massive indoor complex for kids with space-themed playgrounds.

It is an absolute blast fun place for children to enjoy on their vacations.  There are many many playgrounds for children to enjoy different sports activities the employees at the complex are very friendly Foods and drinks from outside are not allowed here.

There is a bar for snacks and other eateries There’s a place for children of all age But adults are restricted to enter an area that is exclusively children only.

Number eight on our list is Gatorland which we are told has been dubbed as the alligator capital of the world. Gatorland is a theme park preserving wildlife tradition and providing fun with much learning for its guest’s kids It is one of the best places to fur educational and study tours.

There are thousands of animals there reptiles like the crocodiles and birds. Being a host to a variety of different species of animals your children will love to spend time here.

Number nine on our list is the Mote Marine Laboratory. Focusing on both factor of information and entertainment the world class mode Marine Laboratory is aquarium where visitors Especially kids all the aspects of marine and the whole marine Ecosystem children will learn many things related to seas and oceans The laboratory brings to life things like water pollution and coral bleaching children can meet the marine animals the touch tidal pools offer such facilities Providing an opportunity to know about more than 100 sea animal species like turtles sea and sharks.

Number 10 on our list is the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye being one of Florida’s newest attractive destinations.  It is a giant wheel of 400 feet that started operating in 2015.  It has been perceived as one of the most amazing attractions especially for children of all ages.

Number eleven on the list is WonderWorks.  Specially designed for imaginative and curious minds Wonder Works as the name implies triggers the human brain cells with exiting features and compelling to ponder a healthy activity for children.

This feature of the theme park brings fun education and thrill all in one place. There are many exhibits like the building that seems like it is an upside down There are zones for life sound physical challenge and many more

Number 12 on our list is Walt Disney World.  Arguably being the world’s best complex for entertainment, Walt Disney World is situated in Bay Lake Florida the official name is Walt Disney Resort covering an area of more 2,700 acres. This complex consists of some theme parks resorts hotels and water parks.  Before you go, check out our post Some Little Known Walt Disney World Tips and Tricks.

In addition, there are also areas for sports activities within the entertainment area which includes non-Disney resorts and places for outdoor shopping.

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