How To Get Free Stuff at Walt Disney World Updated for 2021

Updated: October 17, 2021


Today we’re going to be talking about free stuff at Disney World and how you can get things for free.

First tip is to buy one of these refillable soda cups now these cups are fantastic and buy them in your hotel it was $19 but then after that, every drink that you get in your hotel is absolutely free now.

Unfortunately these cannot be used in the parks you can’t go take it with you and slap away throughout the day but they can only be refilled for free at the park hotels that does not mean the one that you are staying at if you are hotel hopping then, by all means, take up with you and get it filled up most people just fill these up with and sign up but it can be refilled with tea or coffee the only thing it cannot be filled with is fruit juices.

So if you’re staying there are more than a few days this is so worth the money even if you’re in getting a cup of drink today it saves you a lot of money in the long run and it’s a lovely souvenir to bring home.

Some other things you can get for free.

You don’t have to pay for pictures if you have a Magic Band and you got the app or if you just give the cast member your phone your camera just anything that takes pictures a cast member will always always always say yes and there you go you got yourself a free picture with a Disney character but one of the things that I really like is autographs.  It is awesome most characters not all of them but most characters will give you autograph one of the coolest things that I have are some rare characters which are these Brer Rabbit Brer Fox Captain Jack Sparrow thumper and Miss bunny that was awesome for some of these moments you just have to be at the right place at the right time but that’s what makes things so much more magical.


Another free thing is that fast passes are free as well at Disney World you’re allowed up to three fast passes in advance on the my magic app and once you go through all of those fast passes you’re allowed you have to complete all of them but you’re allowed to add more passes for the day which is amazing because places like Universal Studios Busch Gardens like places like that you don’t you don’t get free fast passes so that is awesome that Disneyworld does that because they do not have to but that‘s another thing that just makes them so much more magical maps are another thing that you can get for free yeah I know maps I have most of the part but some cool things are like you can have like exclusive maps like The Flower and Garden Festival of 2017 that‘s out right now

it‘s awesome because once feels like a limited edition maps come out they’re not there anymore so that‘s pretty cool because you can be one of the only people that have that certain map and all the maps are themed for the like for the theme that they’re going for like I said holiday parties or events or festivals and it‘s really really really nice to be able to have like a free map that shows you like there‘s little experiences that you can have by the Flower and Garden festival it shows you where the butterfly garden is or it shows you because the butterfly garden isn’t around all year long or for Mickey‘s not-so-scary Halloween party you’ve got a Jack Skellington location you got Tarzan‘s location you got candy location same from Mickey’s very Merry Christmas party you’ve got Jack Skellington you’ve got the sub doors you’ve got so many cookies and gingerbread in eggnog places and that‘s really awesome because it‘s just very unique and significant.

Another great freebie is the taste testing coca-cola fountains at Epcot right in the beginning of writing the entrance of that cut there’s a little coca-cola shop that has different flavors that you can test from all over the world one of the flavors that I highly recommend is the Beverly just saying get the Beverly do it get the better another thing that you can do is explore Disney Springs for free yet it’s basically like an entire Disney park they have like the Lego shop outdoors entertainment like a jazz band they have the coca-cola shop like the big brief story coca-cola shop that you can wander around for free that’s really awesome and it’s like a very romantic place that you can just sit relax with your significant other or go window shopping with your friends and it’s basically like a Disney park except you don’t get to pay to get it.

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Let’s move on to other things you can do in the park to get those little bits of Pixy dust and things for free first up I’m going to look at the character needs now character meets a good interaction is a money can’t buy experience hands down but they can also be entirely and completely 100% free you do not have to go to use fancy dinners to get a fantastic one-to-one meet there are other things you can do however to encourage a good interaction in the parks I took this autograph the Columba me

Now my cleaner scenario is actually led to so many things free being given to me which was amazing I got lots of interaction from characters during the parade I was noticed quite a lot also the cast members in the shops loved them and were asking about them and just getting into those conversations with the class members led to me discovering new tips about the park and things I should be doing and now a lot can be said for being nice to the cast members and my friend.

We also got extra photos from your photo card people so as I said a lot can be said for just being nice to the people that you’re with.

A couple of freebies were these fun straws now one came with a drink the other was just pure luck I think it was in Hollywood studios and I imagine they just had too many marshmallows or something anyway we were just lucky and they were doing this them to create your own marshmallow for free so we just had a marshmallow on the end of this dump it in some chocolate icing and sprinkles and then have that completely free so that was nice and like just pure luck so keep your eyes out because you don’t know what’s out there make sure you are enthusiastic at all times we watch the Philharmonic Orchestra I think that’s what they’re called is being brass band that marches around the park kind of in the middle of the day they go to the surface area and fantasy land and they go down Main Street just before the parade and then they were playing various songs we were getting so into it singing along and as a result we got to join in their little parade so we milk flags we have March around and join in and it was you know it was us – 23 24 year olds and alone five year olds but we don’t care we had a great time and we got a little freebie as a result of it so it was worth i.

[Note: while the tips below are for Disneyland in California some of these also apply to Disney World in Orlando.

Did you know that you can go up to the City Hall in Disneyland and ask for any button.  Whether it’s your birthday or not, you can get the happy birthday button. They also have a Just Graduated. They have a first visit button. They have a happily ever after. And they even have an honorary citizen button, so just go grab whatever button you want. They’re totally free.

Come on over and do the bakery tour and they will give you a free slice of bread. You can also head over to Ghirardelli and they will give you a free square of chocolate, so it’s a fun little snack in-between meals and in-between rides. Depending on the season, the chocolate will change, so I believe at Christmas time they have said they’re gonna do peppermint bark.

Super yummy! The Disney app is also free. It will give you attraction wait times. It will also tell you where the characters are and when they are, which is really nice. You click on any character, it will tell you where they’re gonna be and at what time. It will give you dining information, shops information. It’s pretty handy and it’s also another free thing you can use and you can get it from Disney. The attraction wait time I’ve found while we’ve been here have not updated very regularly and aren’t always accurate, but the character information has been right, so you might want to use that for that.

If you have a Disney Chase card, whether it’s the debit or the credit card, you can actually go and do the secret meet and greet. So we’re gonna do that and go meet some characters and have some more private time with them. So Disneyland actually doesn’t care if you take a picture of your photos from rides. They said it’s totally okay. They don’t mind if you do it, but you can actually get free copies of your pictures too. Another cool freebie that you get with your Chase Disney card is a free print-out of any picture that any of the photographers here have taken for you, so just keep those cards they give you, and then you can hop online and get a photo for completely free.

If you’re willing to sit through a 60 to 90-minute presentation about the Disney Vacation Club, and you’re interested in it, they will actually give you free Super Fastpasses after you listen to the presentation, and when we did it we actually got three Super Fastpasses per person in our party.

You can enter the Chamber of Commerce right to the left, right when you walk inside Disney’s California Adventure, you get one of their free old-school newspapers. It has current information on it, but it looks old-school like from the 1940s. It’s pretty cool. When it comes to character dining, r buffet character dining, kids who are under the age of three eat free, so that’s another fun freebie if your family’s gonna eat here.

You can also get stickers for completely free for your kids. You can get them from Disney Cast Members, and from the Disney Vacation Club people. If you purchase one of the balloons at Disneyland and it happens to break while you’re there, all you need to do is take the broken pieces back to a vendor, and they’ll give you a brand new balloon for completely free. If you happen to be staying at one of the Disneyland Resort hotels, there are a few free things you can get by staying there as well. Life jackets are free to use for babies and toddlers while you’re in the pool.

Along with that, you can even find swim diapers for free for any guest staying at a Disney Resort hotel. Guests at one of the Disneyland hotels can also get a free wake-up call from Mickey Mouse himself. W

So you can actually get the picture of your Buzz Lightyear adventure emailed to you. Just put in your email address and you get the picture completely free. Alright guys, if you didn’t know, another cool freebie is that you can get any recipe from anything you eat inside Disneyland. All you need to do is go to City Hall, which is right behind me, and ask for the recipe, and they’ll print it off to you and hand it on over.

We grabbed the recipe for the Blue Bayou Gumbo. It was amazing and now I have the recipe to make at home. Clam Chowder Disneyland Park full-on recipe, Blue Bayou Gumbo, Korean Sauce from Bengal Barbecue, any recipe you want. This is so cool. Alright guys, that is a list of all the free things you can get at Disneyland.[/expand]

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