21 Hidden Secrets & Best Places in Miami, Florida Updated for 2024

Updated: June 5, 2024

Oh Miami where do I start Don Beach and madness these are my hidden secrets and best place to visit for the tropical city in the United States rock and roll body all right start off in the Wynwood our district and grab a freshly roasted coffee from Panther coffee drinking ours roaster this morning the caucus where we picked up a couple days ago so it’s really an important farm to table that’s what you have that intense flavor truly one of the best coffees I’ve ever had oh-ho when what is famous for its awesome graffiti so a great place to stroll around in Wynwood

You will also find ceviche a Japanese Peruvian fusion restaurant and a great spot for in the form of lunch or dinner top off cig in doing what is that you know get a diesel is phenomenal Miami is famous for a gorgeous dive site like molasses route and the Neptune memorial wreaths if you have a few days to spare Miami I highly recommend obtaining a PADI open water diving light and visit one of these beautiful sights a hidden secret is the underwater hotel at Key Largo about an hour drive from downtown Miami called Jules undersea Lodge where they even deliver pizza to your underwater hotel room Florida is well known for its alligators and cush restaurant you can even eat them.

So I gotta mix it up there is it complete this meal with a famous piece of key lime pie one of the best pies I’ve ever had you I’m from USC this stuff right there next go all out and rent a jet ski to explore Miami Bay and star island and try making a few donuts we just keep set it back around 80 bucks per person for 30 minutes you can rent these jet skis at the Mondrian Hotel which has one of the most beautiful pools in the city a few blocks north of the mansion you’ll find a spa standard hotel which also has a gorgeous pool both these pools are definitely worth checking out look how horrible the spot is I’m just kidding.


This is absolutely the best pool in miami“>Miami and then there is this free parking deck on Lincoln Street just make the elevator to the top floor for this mesmerizing view of Miami South Beach Miami is well known for its world’s largest collection of Art Deco architecture which became popular in the 1920s and 30s like the colony theater the Delano breakwater and the Pelican come on fennekin and a few others on world-famous Ocean Drive pick up a fresh coconut and wander around admiring these beautiful classic buildings and there many patios bars and restaurants don’t leave without trying a wet willy one of the most iconic bars on Ocean Drive where you can get ridiculous alcoholics flushing from attitude improvement who call a cat my favorite the wipe Russian a medium slushie goes for 11 bucks oh that’s a serious brain freeze.

oh now if you’re looking for some mayhem then lock and load is your spa friend where you can shoot any weapon you’ve ever won from golden death illegals holy full-blown machine gun Florida is also known for its delicious stone crab harvesting is accomplished by removing one of the claws from the live animal and returning it to the ocean where it can regrow the lost limb so no stone crab actually died also here. we couldn’t escape the key lime pie it’s truly unbeatable we’re topping it off with some key lime pie.[wl_navigator]

Oh God let’s look it up each time instead of staying on the touristy beaches near Ocean Drive head north to the soho beach club another absolute boiling day on the beach the whole week is between 27 to 28 degrees thank God I brought a lot of sunscreen which has this gorgeous Beach gorgeous people and a great spot for celebrity spotting just like the paparazzi lead the way they were followed by paparazzi supposedly some famous people here in the water Larsa Pippen apparently I’ve always wanted to yell shark shark now if you prefer to pull over the beach then check out hyde beach club during the weekend for their absolutely insane pool party.

Miami’s also notorious for its breathtaking sunset especially while you watch their massive cruise ships leave Dutch island in the evening I recommend going for dinner at Silvano incredible Italian cuisine at affordable prices unlike the tourist traps on Ocean Drive another famous street is Espanola Way little Spain in Miami a great spot for a little birthday party and some delicious gelato speaking of gelato check out for be on Lincoln Road for an excellent cold deserts and Roker the final restaurant worth mentioning Nayana photos the best restaurant in Miami South Beach a feast for your taste bud got Chevy’s beef jerky this happen I was blown away by the high-quality plate austero I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything like that literally butter they even fly in rare fish from all over the world another one in Miami.

oh my god this place is worth every penny well in my absolutely solves the best hospitality I’ve ever experienced at night I’m enjoys the neon lights on Ocean Drive for that tropical 80s view and grab a few drinks at the local bar buddy when midnight is approaching it’s time for the insane Miami nightlife including places like Ricky aura lift heist and 11 the absolute top nightclubs in Miami and some of the best in the United States go watch my full Miami nightlife guy in next week’s video the addresses so all these locations can be found in the description box below or you can download an entire map with more hidden secrets for my website reformats dot-com just click on the link that appears on your screen right now for a dresses prices max and additional photos now as always here are some extra bonus tip if time permits go watch a Miami Heat basketball game at the American Airlines Arena come on try out some of the on American junk food check the link in the description box for my full review and

if you really want to venture out go watch the alligators at the famous Everglades National Park now if you have been to Miami before I would love to know if you have some hidden secrets you can share with us in the comment section below.

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